A united effort toward better community understanding, to assist established organizations in their community projects, and to provide social contact for all of Clarkston and the surrounding communities.

Clarkston Community Women's Club was formed in 1954. Janet Rose and Phyllis Stackable created a committee to develop a community library. Books were collected and stored in the small white building by the former Independence Township Hall.


This grass-roots venture was sustained by a myriad of fundraisers such as teas, card parties, fashion shows, "Birthday Calendar" sales, plus generous donations of time and money from people who recognized the value of a community library because early millage efforts to operate the library were unsuccessful.


In 1965 the Women's club transferred the library to the authority of Independence Township.


The Women's Club continued their support and launched a community-wide effort toward the building of a 4000 square foot library at the current Clarkston Road location. This building was dedicated on April 12, 1969.


The Clarkston Community Women's Club (CCWC) continues to provide charitable functions in the city of Clarkston today supporting the Library, The Lighthouse, Rotary-Shoes for kids, Concerts in the Park, Scholarships for Clarkston High School, Youth Assistance Annual Golf outing, and other local needs. We would love to meet you at our next meeting. Meetings are going to be every third Tuesday of every month.